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17-Aug-2017 01:04

For this purpose, we are using the Windows Updates Downloader (WUD) tool.

Sadly the WUD Windows update lists have not been touched since 2015 and the project appears to be pretty much abandoned.

NTLite has a shareware version so not all options are available in the free version, but the needed integration functions can be used.1.

First and foremost you need a Windows 7 Service Pack 1 DVD or ISO image to hand.

There is also another program that you can use for downloading updates called Windows Hotfix Downloader.

It is recommended by the author of the NTLite tool we are using below because of the lack of official updates for Windows Updates Downloader.

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The first thing you need is obviously a copy of all the Windows updates to integrate into the install media.

Download the following update list to match your 32-bit or 64-bit Windows 7 install media. UL file to the following location: When WUD is run the list should now be present in the drop down.3.